CDC Certified Divorce Coach Program

Are you wondering if the CDC Certified Divorce Coach Program is for you?

You may have quesitons that cannot be answered here becuase your special training or circumstances are worthy of further discussion.  Once you have reviewed the informaiton here and still have specific questions, you may either:

1. Complete a brief inquiry form with your specific questions including a couple of options for scheduling a call with you;

2. Look at the available times on the calendar and complete a request for a one-on-one Q & A session with Randy Cooper, co-founder of the CDC Certified Divorce Coach Program.

3.  Check out for details about what is covered in the program and to get more information. 

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5. Explore the Free Webinars that we lead to discover more about the profession of Divorce Coaching:

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Client Testimonials

Pen  " I was recently divorced and was in a transition period in my life as well as my work. I had to recreate my business in order to have it survive. I have had the wonderful opportunity to be coached by Pegotty Cooper. Her coaching style is unique in that she has you look at your life in a whole different way." A.K.

Pen    "You were so hard to find and I really need you. There must become an easier way to find you and your services." J.N


 Pen  "Pegotty never let me get away with anything and was a rigorous coach. I reinvented myself as well as my relationships and put back in passion, both in my personal and business life. I would recommend Pegotty for anyone going through transition and I consider Pegotty  as someone I can always count on!" C.A.     


Pen  "Pegotty helped me create new possibilities for myself and my life, to look at what was stopping me, and get the impact my negative thinking has on me and my relationships. As a result of creating the possibility of finding "The One," I am now married to the man of my dreams."P. L.